Bussy: Mobile Transit App

Jan. 2007 – Mar. 2007 for UBC (Advanced HCI Methods)

Prior to the iPhone (which feels like a lifetime ago), my classmates and I used the Nokia N80 to prototype a real-time transit advisor system for mobile devices.

  • Researched transit user frustrations using questionnaires and interviews.
  • Designed and created prototypes using paper and Flash.
  • Conducted A/B study for two of the prototypes (time-based and route-based).
  • Awarded Best Project in the class design competition.

I like the way this project makes me reflect on academic methods and also, the rate of change in consumer devices.

Credits: Sandra Yuen, Tim Li, Vania Chan.

Brainstorming with affinity diagrams.One rough possible flow of eventsAlternative flow of eventsOne of two medium fidelity prototypes used in our study.The second alternative, with busses sorted by route.