Sleeping Dogs

March 2010 – Feb 2011 for Square Enix/Activision & United Front Games

After ModNation Racers, I worked on what was then called True Crime: Hong Kong, an ambitious open–world action–adventure game set in Hong Kong, for PlayStation3, Xbox360, and PC.

The studio wanted to run in–house user research so that the team observe and react more quickly. I established and ran our user research:

  • Worked with design and product stakeholders to determine research goals and practices.
  • Created the user testing lab and research practices based on project goals and requirements, and trained and led user research assistant.
  • Designed and ran user studies. Translated data into concise, actionable reports which successfully informed game improvements. Over the course of 9 months, we playtested over 150 players.
  • Conducted usability reviews and competitive analysis.
  • Coordinated methods with Activision's centralized Games User Research team.
  • Worked on basic tutorial prototyping for tests with in-house scripting tools.

Activision sold the publishing rights for the game to Square Enix, who released the game as Sleeping Dogs. The game received well by critics and fans, and a sequel is in progress.

See also: Sleeping Dogs Community website.

Note: Trailer and images were part of press releases, and show the gameplay features and missions (combat, player movement, driving, shooting) that were the focus of our studies.

MotorcycleVault attack