Little Big Planet Karting

Feb 2011 – March 2012 for Sony Computer Entertainment & United Front Games

The goals of Little Big Planet Karting were to make a Play–Create–Share PlayStation 3 game that would be a fitting addition to the LBP universe, extensively expand the capabilities of the in–game editor, and improve on the karting experience in MNR.

As a programmer, I worked with the Engine team on our 3D editor (Create) features. I worked on editor and customization interfaces, brushes and terrain scrubbing, and Gadgets (items that allowed players to create their own game logic and triggerable events).

I created a data–driven system that allowed artists/designers to have greater control over UI content and behaviour, which exponentially reduced iteration time (from ~5 minutes down to ~15 seconds per artist iteration).

Additionally, I partnered with Sony Games User Researchers to determine user testing needs and processes for the game.

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