NFL on Xbox & Windows 8

Jan 2014 – Present (in progress) for Microsoft Studios

The first version of the app launched with the Xbox One in Nov 2013. For the following season, we were challenged with improving the app while building upon the existing framework, staying within strict franchise/business guidelines, and expanding the product line to Xbox 360 and Windows 8 (tablets/PCs).

To this end, I:

  • Drove usability improvements for the studio’s Interactive TV framework, which impacted all the studio’s 2014 offerings, including Bonnaroo on Xbox and Every Street United.
  • Led the prototyping and interaction design of the Windows 8 app.
  • Partnered with engineers to create long-term improvements to the studio’s cross-platform Interactive TV engine, so that future products can benefit from all touch/Win8 features.

NFL on Windows 8/Xbox One/Xbox360 are available for season start 2014.

Official Xbox press release: Bringing Fantasy To Life.

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