This is always changing.

Hello, I'm Michelle, a Designer/Programmer. I focus on rapid evaluation for new and experimental interfaces.

In my work, I have shipped tablet apps and AAA console games, and designed pre-launch gestural interfaces to determine hardware and experience constraints.

I double-majored in Computer Science (HCI) and English Literature (Lit Theory) at UBC and graduated in 2007. Some people say the two are are a strange combination, but I will never be tired of the surprising and useful ideas that come up when they overlap. Mixing disciplines together is, for me, where some of the best inspiration is found.

Currently, I work at Microsoft Studios in Redmond on experiences for devices like HoloLens and Xbox. You can otherwise find me riding my bike, taking photos, or camping in the woods, preferably near the ocean.

Legal Stuff

Due to NDAs, I have used images/videos that were approved for press releases. The IPs (logos, images, technologies) listed in each project are owned by their respective publishers/companies, as specified.

The views expressed here are my own and are not those of my employer.