I'm Michelle, a technical designer currently based in Seattle, WA.

Over the last fourteen years, I've worked on console games, AR/MR/VR apps and prototypes, social educational technology, multi-modal interfaces, and Mixed Reality interactions on HoloLens.

I specialize in taking v1 products to market and have been a user researcher, prototyper, product lead, and engineer. I double majored in Computer Science and English Lit because I believe that overlap in disciplines is where some of the best inspiration is found.

These days, I'm a senior design lead at Microsoft working on 3D capture and media understanding, focusing on understanding visual media through machine learning and computer vision techniques with some wonderful teammates. I also consult through Mystery Dish, an experimental AR/VR/Film studio I share with Zach Becker.

My favourite work is where emerging hardware and experiences meet, where we imagine possible futures. I really enjoy making and testing new concepts, and I strive to create things that people enjoy using, while opening them up to something new. I am as passionate about crafting fun products as I am about building useful tools, and I believe the two are not entirely separate things.

If I'm not tinkering on a project, you'll find me on my bike or on a surfboard, or maybe camping in the woods, preferably near the ocean.

Work with me

If you have a crazy new technology that you want to take to market and aren't sure what the experience should be, or you just want someone to check out your AR/MR/VR experience, please feel free to get in touch.

For mentorship, coaching, or general questions about the industry, please see Mentorship, or just reach out!

Legal Stuff

Due to NDAs, I have used images/videos that were approved for press releases and/or patents. The IPs (logos, images, technologies) listed in each project are owned by their respective publishers/companies, as specified.

The views expressed here are my own and are not those of my employer.